Constant Systems Centres of Excellence are situated throughout North America, Europe and Australia. These centres can be used for meetings and demonstrations for Constant products. If you would like to arrange a meeting or demonstration at a centre then please contact us specifying which centre you would like to use and we will make the arrangements.

To find out more on a location, select one of the markers from the map.

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  • National Institute for Medical Research"We've been using the same Constant Systems cell disruptor for over 10 years now and have achieved excellent results in disrupting yeast, bacterial and occasionally insect cells."
  • University of Alberta"I think that the Constant Systems cell disruptor is a very powerful and timesaving tool."
  • Cornell University"We routinely use the Constant Systems cell disruptor for bacteria, mycobacteria, and yeast cells. We are very satisfied with its performance and ease of use”. Most of all, if we have questions, and call the company, they always help us to solve the problem."
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  • iScience"iScience Technology is a distributor of life science products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to become Australia's leading boutique supplier of life science products. We import selected high quality products and solutions"... view more
  • CellD"For more than 10 years now, CellD has been distributing equipements for Analysis and Production in Biotechnologies such as bioreactors, cytocultors with online sensors (Biomass OD or capacitance measurement, Wide range conductivity or refractometry measurement,"... view more
  • Pressure BioSciences Inc"Pressure BioSciences, Inc. ("PBI") is focused on the development, marketing, and sale of proprietary laboratory instrumentation and associated consumables based on Pressure Cycling Technology ("PCT"). PCT is a patented, enabling technology platform with multiple applications"... view more