Constant Systems Centres of Excellence are situated throughout North America, Europe and Australia. These centres can be used for meetings and demonstrations for Constant products. If you would like to arrange a meeting or demonstration at a centre then please contact us specifying which centre you would like to use and we will make the arrangements.

To find out more on a location, select one of the markers from the map.

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  • Diamond Light Source"I think the Constant Systems Cell disruptor is very efficient for breaking bacterial and yeast cells, it is very useful for our purpose. We are also very satisfied about the Customer service of Constant Systems, always patient, professional and respond quickly."
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  • The Scipps Research Institute"The Constant Systems cell disruptor allows us to process 10L of yeast in an hour with a single pass, while retaining a cool temperature. This technology enables us to produce more recombinant protein and address complex biological problems."
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  • LA Biosystems"LA Biosystems is a specialized company in automated microbiology and biotechnology equipment. In biotechnology LA Biosystems is focused on fermentation and cell culture equipment. Among their customers are all major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our sales"... view more
  • Applitech Pharmaceutical Equipment Technology Co, Ltd"Applitech Pharmaceutical Equipment Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2009, it's Netherlands Applikon Biotechnology BV's China office. Applikon Biotechnology is a world leader in developing and supplying advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory scale to production"... view more
  • Pressure BioSciences Inc"Pressure BioSciences, Inc. ("PBI") is focused on the development, marketing, and sale of proprietary laboratory instrumentation and associated consumables based on Pressure Cycling Technology ("PCT"). PCT is a patented, enabling technology platform with multiple applications"... view more